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"Dalton"—Multi-purpose Bar from Repurposed pump organ

A multi-purpose bar or display console piece hand-painted in light cream with custom antiquing and stunning espresso stain. There is a shelf cabinet space under the angled panel. If you need a show stopper and a space to serve or display home decor, this is it.


50.5" W x 53" H x 25" D

The palette

Buttercream chalk paint and Tobacco Road Voodoo gel stain—

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Samantha Trainor
Samantha Trainor
08 de jun. de 2021

Hi Aaron,

I watch all your videos however I can't find one on this repurposed pump organ. I realize you did this a yr ago but I definately want these colors. I got a bit confused when looking at paint and gel. I found the buttercreme but not sure how much to order ding a vanity and 2 nightstands. Is three tobacco the gel to do the shading? Do I prime it first? And if so with what? Now that I've plummeted thou with questions I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.



Respondendo a

Message me on my Facebook page @bowtietreasures and let's work through these great questions. Glad to help

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