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"Alisha"—Rustic Antique Wardrobe

Featuring a dry-brush chalk painting technique. This wardrobe needed a lot of work. I am not sure how I get myself into those types of projects, haha. But she has come a long way and is ready for a cozy place in a home. Wood-u-bend was added to the top center to give it a subtle focal point. I kept many of its flaws and shored it up in many places. The mirror is even left with all its character.

This antique wardrobe cabinet has a fresh new look and rugged character. It's seen a lot of life but now has so much to enjoy. The drawers have a pop of color to compliment to overall cabinet color scheme. The mirrors do have age spots but they feel at home with the hand-painted finish. There are holes for wheels if you desire to add some back to the wardrobe in the future.


65" H x 17" D x 37.5" W

The palette

Burlap, Drop Cloth, fluff, and Savannah Mist inside the drawers.

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