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About Aaron

I'm an artist

I remember drawing in sketch books when I was 8. I wasn’t just doodling, I was sketching, drawing, copying, creating. To be honest with you, I haven’t stopped. I love to create. Over the past many years, I have just changed the medium. Paper, canvas, computers, walls, it’s all creating, and it’s art.

I'm a creative

At this point, I have grown kids and I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and I really don’t like to sit around. Give me something to do and let me create and good luck keeping me from that.

Getting started refinishing furniture and home decor.

November 2016, I took on the challenge of building a farmhouse table for our home. I watched video after video and concluded that I could do that too. I saw Anna White’s table and I knew the style of her table would be a good fit for our home. It was going to take a lot of work but I had the confidence that since it was a farmhouse style table, any flaws would be part of the overall look. We bought a set of chairs that I felt would compliment the table really well.

One of the things that I experienced in buying the chairs was the hunt of finding the chairs. There was also the challenge of going out of our comfort zone and actually having to go to someone’s home and meet them and buy the chairs. That’s not my cup of tea. But I knew it had to be done to get the chairs.

Then buying supplies, wood, paint, stain, etc. Those were fun little tasks to me.

Of course, there was using tools and working in the workshop. Now that sounded even more exciting. Working with my hands.

Here is how the farmhouse table set project turned out.


In this whole experience, I discovered it was a journey, an adventure, and there were many rewards along the way.

I also found a growing community of artist, craftsman, designers, and friends that help each other and encourage one another. I don’t find that in a lot of other trades out there.

I enjoyed finishing projects and who doesn’t enjoy selling them too. That feels good for any artist.

Once I started painting furniture, I couldn’t stop. After all, think about all the fun in the procress:

  • The hunt for the furniture

  • Negotiating for a good appropriate deal for the condition of the piece

  • Meeting people selling the furniture

  • oh and if you haven’t been in some interesting house, try buying furniture. Maybe I should write some stories documenting those moments.

  • Trying to get the furniture home. We have an enclosed trailer, but wow, getting a 7′ dresser in a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe.

  • Cleaning, preparing, painting

  • Posting the piece online or putting it our booths

  • Selling it—PARTEEEE!

  • Start all over again—love the cycle.


I can’t get away from putting extra care and quality work into our furniture work. I am not saying we aim for perfection, but it should be nice, clean, spot on. I am often amazed at how many artist cut corners and don’t put care into their craft. I can’t do that. Attention to detail should be an obvious goal by any creative.

Inspired by

Since 2017, there have been a few that I have looked up to as far as creative and successful mentors. Artist


I have been inspired by include:

Turquoise Iris—I love her drive and passion to create and help teach others. I love her Boho style and I have produced a few pieces based on her style.

Here are some of my favorites I have created with the Boho style finish she demonstrates often.

Brushed By Brandy—I have learned a lot about blending and classy finishes from Brandy and she has been a big help getting me connected with Dixie Belle Paint Co. I started being a Dixie Belle retailer Early 2019.

Here are some pieces I feel grasp what I learned from Brandy.

I have watched a lot from Jami Ray Vintage. I love how practical she is and how they do a lot of variety of pieces. Learned many things about business through them. Good to see that a family can get into this and make a living.

Through the years

You can see videos of years worth of pieces. You might even want to subscribe to our video channel (Bow Tie Tuesday Treasures) too.