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Beautiful Vanity

We use a variety of Dixie Belle products on our furniture and home decor. Shop for your products here.

Karina—Antique Armoire Wardrobe-34s.jpeg

Amazing wood and metallic decorative products.

Bow Tie Treasures

Furniture treasures with an artistic, hand-painted touch


We take loved items like a vintage vanity, an antique buffet, family treasured furniture, or home decor and bring them back to awesome so it can be treasured for years to come.


Bow Tie Treasures is located in Pensacola, FL

What's New?

See what's coming out of the Bow Tie Treasures creative shop recently.

Furniture Artist Life
with Aaron


Meet the Artist

Aaron treats each furniture piece and home decor as a canvas, ready for his passion and creativity to shine.